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Often referred to as spiral compressors, scrolls offer a range of benefits over traditional reciprocating piston compressors. Unlike, reciprocators, scroll compressors don't require suction or discharge valves, this makes for a much quieter machine thats more reliable.

Spiral compressors also eliminate any chance of pressure loss in the system.

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Scroll Compressors or commonly referred to as spiral compressors, which consists of two scrolls where inner scroll is stationary in a fixed position, and the outer scroll rotates (which is why they are also known as rotary compressors) in a set path compressing the air in between.

The motion of the outer of the two creates suction that draws air from the openings. Air in the pockets between the two scrolls, and the continuous motion moves it toward the centre of the scroll, which reduces volume causing compression.

Once it reaches the centre of the assembly, the compressed air is discharged through a port.

  • Great cooling power: Used by many refrigerating and air conditioning units due to how fast it cools. 
  • It is also energy efficient despite having great cooling power meaning that you will save money on your electric bill.
  • Less vibration and quiet operation due to less moving parts in comparison to piston compressors meaning that breakdowns are less likely to occur!
  • Outstanding performance on the models we stock.

Scroll compressors are used in air conditioning units for commercial use and also for vehicles.

Léon Creux is the inventor of scroll compressors. first patenting them in 1905 in France and the US.