A/C Compressors

Copeland offers the best quality air conditioning compressors for commercial properties. Used in high-performing air con units, the Copeland range are incredibly versatile - offering a a wide modulation range from 10% all the way to 100%. Copeland's compressors are also compatible with various refrigerants.

Our air conditioning compressors are available for worldwide delivery. If you're in the UK we also offer a "lift and shift" service.

Copeland's units benefit from charged POE oil, low TEWI, low sound & vibration, and low oil circulation rates.

Air Conditioning Compressors FAQs

How do I order a compressor?

Our website is a catalogue of a range of products we stock. You can browse our products online and submit an enquiry from the product pages. You can also note the Reference No. of the product and send us an enquiry on the contact page via email or phone. If you’re not too sure, we can also help you find the right compressor for your purpose.


Which compressor brands do you stock?

We stock a wide range of air con compressors specifically from the Copeland brand. We find their units to offer our customers the widest flexibility for use in commercial settings.


How do air conditioning compressors work? 

Using refrigerant, compressors can absorb heat in the air when in contact with the evaporator. This is done when the refrigerant is in a state of a low pressure gas. The condenser unit (usually outdoors) then condenses the refrigerant again where the heat that was absorbed can be released. This process is repeated through the compressor.


Why use scroll AC compressors?

Scroll compressors use one fixed coil and one that rotates around the center coil. Unlike reciprocating compressors, the scroll units have fewer moving parts and are consequently more reliable.