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Maneurop Compressors

Maneurop compressors cover a wide range to suit applications for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. The varied compressor range covers reciprocating piston hermetic and scroll compressors – suiting a range of different temperature applications.

  • Reciprocating piston hermetic available in single or tandem options.
  • Scroll compressors available in single or tandem options.
  • Fully suction gas cooled
  • Reduced acoustics in Maneurop scroll compressors
  • Good motor protection and long product life
  • Mounting kit and anti-vibration mountings available

Danfoss Maneurop offers quality units that are reliable and outform many other brands making them a good choice for refrigeration. Their diversified range means you can choose a Maneurop compressor for most purposes. Browse our range below or get in touch for help choosing the right compressors for you.

We ship internationally from the UK. Get in touch for more product details.