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Cubigel Compressors

Cubigel compressors cover a window of displacement between 2.2cmℨ and 34cmℨ for Commercial Refrigeration. They’re predominantly used in refrigeration with newer range of compressors able to compress natural refrigerants like propane.

Cubigel’s hermetic compressor range comes in variable high and low back pressure, with power from 2.2cc to 38cc, offering a reduction in energy consumption over most competitors. Ideal uses include water coolers, commercial freezers, ice makers, beer dispensers, and heat pumps.

See Cubigel’s recipricating piston compressors below to browse specific models for more information.

Benefits of choosing Cubigel:

  • Manufactured in the EU by Huayi Compressor Barcelona.
  • 1.4cc up to 38cc and models compatible with most refrigerant gases.
  • Commercial refrigeration applications.
  • Quality components machined for greater reliability