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Copeland ZF K5 Summit Series

Copeland ZF K5 Summit Series

Copeland ZF Summit K5 Series – Scroll Compressors for Low Temperature Refrigeration.

« Suitable for use with R407a, R407f, R448a, R449a,R404a and R134a* Refrigerants. (*certain models)
« Three times less moving parts than a conventional Reciprocating compressor.
« Scroll compliance mechanism which makes them Robust and Reliable under severe conditions such as liquid Slugging.
« The ZF Series has been optimised in their design for the perfect selection in Frozen Food Applications.
« K5E Models operate with Liquid Injection and/or Vapor Injection.
« K5E Models are optimised for Vapor Injection with use of a Sub Cooler which boosts Cooling Capacity and Efficiency.
« K5E Models Improve System Capacity by upto 40% and Efficiency Levels upto 25%.
« Light Weight and Compact, half the weight of equivalent Semi-Hermetic model.

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