Bitzer Former Model 2CC-3.2Y-40S

Condition: Reman

Reference No.: 110407

A remanufactured Bitzer Former Model 2CC-3.2Y-40S compressor comes with:

Charged with POE Oil and comes with a Holding Charge of O.F.N

The optional extras available for this model are:

« Specialist Lift and Shift Service (UK Only).
« Alternative Lubricants.
« Suction Shut Off Valve.
« Discharge Shut Off Valve.
« Crankcase Heater.
« Motor Protection Device.
« Elastromere Damper Elements.
« Available in Alternative Motor Voltages and Configurations.


Electrical: Direct on Line
Voltage: 220v-240v/380v-420v/3ph/50hz - 265v-290v/440v-480v/3ph/60hz
Net Weight: 70kg
398 (L) x 267 (W) x 300 (H)

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