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Maneurop Tandem SZ Series

Maneurop Tandem SZ Series

Maneurop SZ Tandem (Parallel) Series – Air Conditioning Scroll Compressors.

« Suitable for R407c and R134a with SZ170-SZ370 also R404a and R507a Refrigerants.
« Gas Circulation, Motor Cooling and Oil behaviour are improved with new patented Motor Cap design.
« Reduced Acoustic levels.
« Robust, Gas intake design induces higher resistance to Liquid Slugging.
« Increased Life Durability.
« Common Suction and Discharge Line (Manifolding, Parallel Design).
« Reduced Operating Costs through Greater control of Capacity and Power Consumption.
« Manifolding enables improved part load efficiency, where one compressor can switched off with the 2nd at 100%.
« Greater Flexibility.
« Range of Alternative Voltage Motors.
« Available in Trio and Quadro formats on request.

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