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Frascold Refrigeration NRL6 / NRH6 Series NRH6-125-468Y

Condition: New

Reference No.: 1280102

A new Frascold Refrigeration NRL6 / NRH6 Series NRH6-125-468Y compressor comes with:

Charged with POE170cst Oil, Electronic Protection Module INT69FRY, Terminal Box, Discharge Temperature Sensor, Suction Flange with Welding Bush, Discharge Shut Off Valve, Rotalock Valve with conn for Oil Return, Discharge Check Valve, Safety Valve, Unloaded Start – Capacity Control (Only Stems), Integrated Oil Filter and Oil Flow Switch, Oil Injection Kit (Control Module, Solenoid Valve, Sight Glass).

The optional extras available for this model are:

« Bridges for DOL Start.
« Control and Protection Device INT69FRYL Diagnose.
« Suction Shut Off Valve.
« Rubber Dampers Kit.
« Oil Filter clogging differential pressure switch.
« Oil Separator.
« Water Oil Cooler.
« Air Oil Cooler.
« Kit with Service Valve & Muffler for ECO/Liquid Injection.
« Capacity Control Valves – Special Voltage.
« Special Paint for Off Shore Installations.
« Range of Alternative Voltage Motors.


Electrical: Screw-PW Semi-Hermetic
Voltage: 380v-420v/3ph/50hz - 440v-480v/3ph/60hz
Net Weight: 736kg
1258 (L) x 755 (W) x 607 (H)

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